Also 1.40m Drukkerij Westerlaan Prize for Lisa Everts

Stichting Zozijn, jumping de achterhoek
Leuke meeting met springamazone voor Stichting Zozijn
November 23, 2017
Alexander Housen, Jumping de Achterhoek
Housen and Hoekstra excellent in 1.35m PSC Lichtenvoorde Prize
November 23, 2017
Toon alles

Also 1.40m Drukkerij Westerlaan Prize for Lisa Everts

Lisa Everts and Captain Morgan at Jumping de Achterhoek 2017, photo © DigiShots

What an incredible day for the 21-yr-old junior rider Lisa Everts from Enschede. In the 1.40m Drukkerij Westerlaan Prize she achieved her 2nd victory at the openingsday of Jumping de Achterhoek. After a jump-off with five competitors she became winner with her own Captain Morgan (Carthino Z).

Laurie Touw won the 2nd prize with Carel van Donderen (Acolino), followed by Thomas Kuck (GER) with Castello 202 (Chacco Blue), Lars Volmer (GER) with Tam Tam Semilly (Diamant de Semilly) and Jens van Grunsven (NED) with Doma Sue (Dollar du Murier).

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