British/Irish team win team jumping ponies

Serena van Werkhoven, Jumping de Achterhoek
Hank Melse prize Children for Serena van Werkhoven
November 25, 2017
Lisa Everts, Jumping de Achterhoek
Dag 3: Lisa Everts verrast in U25 Grote Prijs Jumping de Achterhoek (met video!)
November 26, 2017
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British/Irish team win team jumping ponies

Het teamspringen pony's werd gewonnen door team Engeland/Ierland

Every year the team competition for pony riders is one of the most exciting classes at the first week of Jumping de Achterhoek. In the Gemeente Oost Gelre Prize we had no less than seven teams for all four riders jumping a 1,25m course.

Team Great Britain/Ireland won with Claudia Moore, Alice Rose Weightman, Georgina Wareham and Ruairi Aylward.

Second was the Dutch team with Pam Nieuwenhuis, Bo Dictus, Lily Engelsman and Mart IJland, followed by Team Ireland with Robyn Moran, Tom Wachman, Katie Power and Max Wachman.

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